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ICVR automatically collects and records certain information when you access or use a ICVR game. This information includes your unique device ID (“IDFA” (iOS) and/or “Advertiser ID” (Android)), your geographic location (based on your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address), the version of your operating system (“OS”), your game platform ID (“GPF ID”), (which is an ID assigned to you that will be used to help associate your identity across multiple platforms) and your in-game activity. We may associate an IDFA (iOS) or Advertiser ID (Android) with personal information or with other persistent device identifiers (for example, IDFA, Advertiser ID, SSAID, MAC address, or IMEI) at any time.

We use this information to assist with understanding trends in usage and for help with tracking and correcting errors. We also use (and may provide to third party analytics providers as described below) country-level geographic location information to enforce our Terms of Service, customize the user experience and make recommendations to you.

We may also give you the opportunity to opt-in to location-based services, which utilize a device’s GPS coordinates. You may opt-out of these location services via the settings on your device.