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ICVR may include in the Service tools, which may include tools from third party service providers, that may enable ICVR and these third parties to analyze your and other users’ information. This information may include your IDFA (iOS) and/or Advertiser ID (Android), Media Access Control (“MAC”) address, International Mobile Equipment Identity (“IMEI”) number, version of iOS or Android, specific type of device, mobile carrier, IP address and session start and end times. ICVR and such third parties may use that information to detect the country of the user and to otherwise analyze user engagement.

User engagement analysis may include, but is not limited to, tracking a user’s level and game progressions such as in-game currency (“soft currency”) purchases and spending and premium in-game currency (“hard currency”) purchases and spending.

Third parties may also have access to your personal information in connection with the performance of their services, but they will not be permitted to use such information, other than in anonymized, aggregated form, for any purpose other than providing their services.